Biometrics and Identity Management

About Our Biometric Solutions

IdentityE2E is a specialist SME with a team who have a proven track record of successful delivery. We are in an unrivalled and unique position as our team of experts have been directly involved in all the large-scale UK biometric implementations over the past three decades, in addition to a number abroad as well. This enables IdentityE2E to provide deep domain business, commercial, management and technical advice, test and assurance, support and delivery expertise, covering all aspects of identity management, biometrics, and system and solution design. This is based on expert knowledge gained through hands on delivery. We have expertise in this specialised field spanning initial business case development and requirements definition, through specification, design, development, testing and into live operations in order to provide a unique “end to end” service to our clients.

In a rapidly changing environment, one of the areas we are providing particular consultancy support services to our clients is in the transition of biometric systems that have been designed, procured and implemented for specific bespoke environments to new disaggregated, cloud-based solutions.

IdentityE2E provides a wealth of services related to biometrics and identity management, including:

  • Identity Management / Biometric technical requirements;
  • Biometric procurement support and commercial VFM assessment;
  • Business case development and investment approval;
  • Transition of biometric systems from legacy architecture to Cloud-based services;
  • Support in assuring use of biometric best practice and viability of Cloud-based services;
  • Biometric capture solutions including mobile biometric solutions (e.g. handheld devices);
  • Requirements, implementation and testing of Biometric eGates;
  • Biometric systems architecture and design;
  • Integration of multiple biometric modalities;
  • Interface design, integration and deployment (using international biometric exchange standards, such as available from NIST and ISO);
  • Biometric accuracy testing/benchmarking;
  • Biometric matcher configuration;
  • Biometric performance optimisation;
  • Workflow and rules design;
  • Biometric technical assurance;
  • International biometric standards and compliance;
  • Agile and Waterfall Test Strategies and managed service implementations for biometric systems;
  • Biometric testing tools including Collaboration Tools and hosting solutions (SaaS);
  • User Experience (UX), Security and Accessibility Testing;
  • Advice on biometric suppliers and market leading solutions.

The IdentityE2E team involvement in all large-scale UK biometric implementations over the past three decades, includes:

  • HOB (Home Office biometrics programme)

  • Current UK immigration biometric system - IABS (Immigration and Asylum Biometric System)

  • Current UK law enforcement biometric system – IDENT1

  • HM Passport Office Facial Matching System (FMS)

  • eGates (biometric border control solution used by UK Border Force)

  • Games Family Members (GFM) biometric application solution for London Olympic Games 2012

  • BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) implementation

  • NAFIS (the first UK National Police Fingerprint Identification System)

  • IAFS (Immigration and Asylum Fingerprint System)

  • ARC (Application Registration Card), the first biometric identity management card used by UK government

  • VIAFS – the original Visa Application Fingerprint System

  • FRS1 (the first facial recognition system used by HM Passport Office)

  • Police and Immigration mobile ID solutions (handheld and portable)

  • Eurodac (the European-wide immigration fingerprint system)

  • Printrak (fingerprint systems used by some police forces, including the Metropolitan Police, prior to NAFIS)

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"Livescan Cloud" Solution

In addition to the provision of consultancy support services, IdentityE2E also offers a number of biometric solutions – especially developed using the many years’ experience of our team in the integration of biometric components into suitable solutions. One such biometric solution is our “Livescan Cloud” solution.

IdentityE2E Livescan-Cloud services are cloud-hosted and support front-end biometric recording applications (“livescan units”), routing biometric recording events to third party biometric matching services and providing results.

Service features and benefits include:

  • Fingerprints and face biometric recording as standard, others can potentially be added
  • Potential for considerable savings over legacy livescan solutions
  • Cloud based hosted solution which is fully scalable
  • Opportunity to disaggregate large IT contracts
  • Better VFM, delivery of more cost effective and efficient services
  • Competitive pricing model
  • Compliance with international biometric standards (e.g. NIST, ISO/ICAO, FBI)
  • Loosely coupled, COTS approach. High degree of configurability
  • Removal of biometric “vendor lock in” through hardware abstraction
  • Range of options for integration of customer owned biometric hardware
Live Scan Cloud HLD

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